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Percodan Pictures

When you see Percodan pictures, the drug looks relatively benign and harmless. That may be true in a controlled prescription situation but once you become addicted to this drug, you may do just about anything to get your hands on the next dose. Percodan is a combination of aspirin and oxycodone and is a pain medication that is prescribed by physicians in the treatment of pain that can be mild or severe, but only for short periods of time.

If you were to do a search of Percodan pictures online, you would see that the pill comes in different sizes and shapes according to the dose. The most common Percodan pictures that you will see are of round pills in the 10, 20, 40, 80 and 160 mg formats. The pills also come in an elongated pill style or you can obtain the drug in liquid form.

Most people must be closely supervised when they consume this medication, because the potential for serious addiction can occur after the very first dose. The effects of the medication are real and immediate, giving the user an euphoric and sedated feeling as soon as the drug takes effect. As the person takes this medication, they will find their pain relieved, but the amount of the drug will need to be increased with each dose taken. This is because your body will develop a tolerance rather quickly to the drug making it necessary for them to ingest much more of it in order to obtain the same effects as they previously did.

The effects of Percodan include a wide range of symptoms, some of which may be obvious to the casual observer and include: vomiting, drowsiness, and an impairment of mental or physical abilities. The patient will feel euphoric, have a great deal of tolerance, may feel lightheaded, have a great deal of nausea, experience constipation, feel dizzy and have blurred vision. Most of those symptoms will not be obvious to an untrained professional, but if you suspect a loved one has an addiction, you may be able to make certain observations when you know what to look for.

An addiction can develop when a person is involved in some life event or accident and is seriously injured. After attending at the hospital and their doctor, they were probably prescribed a medication for pain like Percodan. This drug is also commonly prescribed for extreme pain including cancer treatment procedures. It is also prescribed for some chronic pain illnesses and other conditions that cause the patient to endure pain constantly.

For an addict, Percodan pictures can elicit an excited response, and a craving beyond all reason. Seeing the pills can make an addict think immediately of the high that they would experience when they take the drug. If this is a response that you have when seeing Percodan pictures, then you yourself may have an addiction that requires professional treatment.

Trying to quit taking a medication like Percodan can cause many severe withdrawal symptoms which can be unbearable for the drug addicted person. These include vomiting, agitation, severe depression and feelings of hopelessness, deep and excruciating pain in the muscles and bones, yawning, chills and the inability to stay warm. Since all of the symptoms are so severe, it is important to be under the close supervision of a professionally trained drug counsellor.

The withdrawal from Percodan can be excruciating and sickening for the addicted user. It can be extremely difficult for a person to watch a loved one suffer through this kind of pain and suffering, and this the reason that it is a very good idea to help an addict make the decision to check into a drug rehab facility. Living with an addiction is no way to live. When a person is addicted to a drug, they spend every waking moment either trying to get their hands on the drug, thinking about the drug or taking the drug. During that time they are not concerned about anything else and may have difficult being "present" in their everyday life. They may not be able to hold down a job, they may steal from loved ones, they may lie and they may disappoint people. This is not the behavior of the person you love, it is the behavior of an addict who needs help.


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