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U.S. Rohypnol Addiction Statistics

Rohypnol; also known by the generic name of Flunitrazepam is a very strong medication used for short term relief from insomnia. This drug is used in Europe and South America but is not yet approved for use in the U.S. Sale, use, possession or distribution of Rohypnol is illegal and violators are subject to stiff fines and/or imprisonment. Rohypnol delays response of the central nervous system. Rohypnol is often employed to decrease the effects of using other stimulants such as heroin or marijuana. This medication is categorized as a depressant however, it can sometimes cause aggressiveness or excitability in some individuals.

There are two different colors of Rohypnol caplets or tablets; white which until recently was the only color and now a dull greenish or olive greenish color with a bluish green core. The manufacture has also reduced the strength from two to one mg., and imprinted the number five-four-two on the drug. When added to drinks this drug turns the drink a fairly distinguishable blue color. Despite the caplets noticeable color it can still be disguised from the victim. It can be added to colored drinks or added to drinks in colored glasses. Further, in a very dim room where visibility is poor the difference in drink color may not immediately be noticed. Further, other generics for this drug may be in tablet form and not contain this dye. It is the amnesia effects of the drug that make it so favored and dangerous at the same time. If you knowingly or unknowingly ingest this drug you life could be in jeopardy. This is because other countries do not have an entity that oversees the manufacture of drugs. Consequently, because of the lack of safe production of medications and other drugs it could be contaminated with another substance.

Rohypnol addiction statistics:

Rohypnol was first introduced into the U.S. in the early 90's with the typical user being between the age of thirteen to their thirties and predominately male. The drug is highly popular on campuses of high schoolers and colleges. Additionally, Rohypnol is increasingly seen in clubs and raves where the predominate participants are young teens or adults. Two percent of college students surveyed admitted to using Rohypnol at least one time within the last twelve months.

Abuse of Royhpmol occurs; according to the National Drug Enforcement Center, when the drug is crushed into a powder and then snorted up the nasal passages. This is common practice for users of heroin and to increase effects of intoxication. It is further typical to enhance the high of heroin and alter the effects of cocain.

Rohypnol addiction statistics:

Besides the study of college students where two percent admitted to using Rohypnol at least one time in the last year the low percentage may be because of the stiff penalties associated with this normally not badly addicting class IV drug. However, because of the drug's ability to dull one's senses by directly affecting the central nervous system it can easily become very addicting. This is especially true with long term use of the drug. The longer the drug is used the greater the person is to develop a physiological or psychological tolerance and the drugs effect is lessened. As the drugs potency looses its effectiveness the person finds that more is needed to gain the same effect as before, thus effectively leading to addiction.

Withdrawing from Rohypnol can be either mild or extremely painful. Persons detoxing from Rohypnol can experience severe intestinal problems, a continual need to defecate, headaches, tremors, seizures, confusion and/or irrational fears. Other symptoms that may occur when a person is trying to get off the effects of Rohypnol are convulsions, irrational visions or hearing voices. Seizures can occur up to a week and sometimes longer after last use.

Although concrete statistical evidence of Rohypnol use/abuse is not fully known the chemical and physiological effects of the drugs use have indicated its safety issues and alarming dangers to the user/victim. This drug is not approved for use in the U.S. but we know it is here nonetheless.

If you or someone you know has found yourself/themselves chained to Rohypnols addicting hypnotic effects and want to be free of addiction. Get professional help. Because of the possibility of severe withdrawel from the clutches of Rohypnol it will be safer to have the benefit of medical personel who can render aid in an emergency, should one arise.


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