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The Effects of Rohypnol On the Body

Rohypnol, which is most commonly known as "roofies", is a drug that prescribed for those who suffer from insomnia. This drug is a pill that can either be taken orally by swallowing it or allowing it to desolve in food and drinks. It can also be crushed up and snorted. The effects of this drug are so strong that it is illegal in the United States today.

Effects of Rohypnol On the Body-

When a person takes rohypnol, they start to feel the effects of it within 20 minutes. This medication is one of the strongest forms of sleeping prescribed pills that a person can take. After taking these pills, they effects will last for about 12 hours. Some of the symptoms that someone will feel after they have taken these drugs are:

• Drowsiness- After taking this drug, a person will become extremely tired. The person may find it very hard to stay standing or sitting up because their body wants to sleep so badly. After you do fall asleep, it's very hard to be woken up.

• Dizziness- An user of this drug may start to feel that the room is spinning around them causing them to feel the need to sit or lay down.

• Memory Impairment- After taking this drug, a person will have a very hard time remembering what happened from the time they took it to the time that it wore off. The next day, the user could wake up and not be able to recall anything that happened the evening before.

• Slurred Speech- The user of this drug will have a very hard time getting their words out. You may not be able to understand a single word that someone under the influence of Rohypnol says. This is because all of the muscles in their body are so relaxed that they can't quite move their lips like they should.

• Muscle Relaxation- As it was just mentioned, this drug can cause extreme muscle relaxation. The muscles can relax so much that it can cause a person to feel as if they can't move at all.

• Retroactive Amnesia- We had mentioned memory loss earlier and how intense it can be. The name for that is retroactive amnesia. No matter what happens while a person is using this drug, it is likely that it will not be remembered and cannot be remembered.

When this drug is mixed with alcohol it can cause aspiration, depression and in some cases, even death. In instances of an over dose, a person may experience impaired balance and speech, sedation, depression, comatose states and death.

Rohypnol in the United States of America-

The main thing to know about Rohypnol is that it is 100% illegal to manufacture, sell and use this drug. This is due to the fact that it produce psychological dependence along with benzodiazepines withdrawal syndrome. This drug can be used legally in other countries such as Mexico. Many people smuggle this drug into the U.S. through delivery services. This drug is just as illegal as marijuana, cocaine and other street drugs that can cause a person many long years in prison.

"Date Rape" Drug-

This is what this drug is most commonly known for. For many years, men and women both have used this drug to do harmful sexual acts to others. This mainly happens by someone slipping the pill into a drink where it will dissolve. The other person then drinks it and will black out completely, usually passing out so badly that they are sleeping throughout the entire thing. This is why it's important to ALWAYS watch your drinks when you are out at clubs or bars. You should never leave your drink unattended and you shouldn't accept drinks from random people that you don't know.

This drug has been used in both rape and robbery to ensure that the victim of the crime will not be able to recall any of the events that had taken place. The term for someone placing this drug in another person's glass is referred to as "spiking" and this happens all over America today and has for many years.

This drug does show up in urine tests so if you feel that you may have been drugged by someone with this pill, you can easily take a drug test and it will show up positive. Like all other drugs, doctors can pinpoint what drugs are in your system if you get to the hospital quickly enough for them to find it in you.


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