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Rohypnol Pictures And Helpful Information About The Drug

Rohypnol is an anti-anxiety medication that is more powerful than other prescribed benzodiazepines. It provides temporary treatment for insomnia and is used as a sedative or pre-anesthetic as well. Nevertheless, Rohypnol is an illegal drug which is often combined with alcohol, cocaine and heroin. It is sometimes referred to as roach, roofies, la rocha or R2.Despite the several names attached to this illegal drug, it is popularly tagged the date rape drug.

Rohypnol has attracted too much attention since it is associated with date rape. Many women and teenage girls have been raped after the drug is slipped in their drinks. The drug leads to anterograde amnesia, this is a state of forgetting things while under the influence. Due to this, it has been difficult for women to report rape cases since they usually do not remember the details. Here are some Rohypnol pictures.

Rohypnol causes memory loss, drowsiness, stomach upset and dizziness. Even though, it is classified under the family of depressant drugs, it makes some people overly aggressive or excited.

Risks associated with Rohypnol high dosage

Since Rohypnol is extremely powerful, it is meant to treat just the serious insomnia cases and patients requiring a powerful muscle relaxer. However, it is usually prescribed in low dosage and for shorter durations. Taking heavy doses of the drug is very dangerous as it leads to addiction and dependence. Rohypnol has common side effects which include;

Muscle problems: When the drug is taken in high dosage during pregnancy, it causes a state referred to as hypotonia in the newborn baby. Hypotonia leads to lower muscle tone and hence a person becomes weak.

Sleep problems: If Rohypnol is taken in high doses it reduces a person's sleep. This means that if you take a heavy dose of the drug you may fail to get enough sleep. However, when the drug is taken in low doses it treats insomnia.

Digestive and mental problems: High dose of Rohypnol may cause severe stomach upsets for a while after using it. Moreover, heavy Rohypnol dosage can cause confusion, anxiety and increased agitation.

Rohypnol addiction and treatment

Patients addicted to this drug may experience serious withdrawal symptoms like severe insomnia, different forms of psychosis, seizures and intense anxiety. Rohypnol addiction is really risky to mental health and must be treated as soon as possible. Therefore, for a person who is struggling with Rohypnol addiction, it is vital for him or her to find out about the treatment programs available. The rehab program should be comprehensive and long term in order for an addict to heal properly. There are numerous treatment options for Rohypnol addiction to guide you through the recovery process and help you live a fruitful life.

The addiction treatment may come in different forms. However, any form of treatment is aimed at helping you get your life back. The addiction treatment focuses on your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical well being. During treatment, you will learn helpful techniques on how to avoid a relapse and understand your addiction in detail. Understanding what led to your Rohypnol addiction will enable you get off the drug even after leaving the treatment centre.

Is there such thing as controlled Rohypnol usage

Even though Rohypnol was initially meant to be a strong hypnotic or sedative, it is an illicit drug because its medicinal use is highly questionable. Many people who use this drug use it recreationally or for self medication. Abuse of drug can become uncontrollable very fast and that is why it is not so safe to use Rohypnol. Most people have tried using Rohypnol without becoming addicted or overdosing but have failed.

This drug is very powerful to control and it causes severe problems if abused

If you abuse the drug habitually, your brain and body become accustomed to it leading to severe withdrawal symptoms when it is not present. The withdrawal symptoms may be too uncomfortable hence can drive a dedicated addict to have a relapse.

Managing withdrawal symptoms of Rohypnol

While the withdrawal symptoms of Rohypnol can be uncomfortable and distressing, they are very manageable. There are various strategies and techniques employed to handle the symptoms. If you are addicted you have to find the best strategy that works for you. Some common techniques of handling Rohypnol withdrawals are exercising, watching a movie or consulting a therapist.


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