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Rohypnol Statistics

There has been an alarming increase in Rohypnol statistics over the last fifteen years and in the incidence of unwanted sexual contact. This "date rape" drug has become popular in the last fifteen years among young men who drop "roofies" into the drinks of unsuspecting women and then have sex with them after they become unconscious.

The manufacturer of this drug has started to add a colorful blue dye to the pill, so that if it were to be dissolved into a drink the recipient would be able to identify the fact that the drink is spiked. The best course of action for women is to never leave a drink unattended or to accept a drink from someone when you are not able to see where the drink came from.

In over 87% of rape cases, the victims knew their assailants and these Rohypnol statistics show that many men take advantage of women with this drug, knowing that the woman will black out and be unable to remember what took place. Any woman who wakes up after "blacking out" should go to the hospital immediately and have a rape kit taken.

More than 13.6% of female students stated that when they felt impaired (due to drinking or other drug use) that unwanted sexual advances were made towards them. While Rohypnol statistics also show that this drug is widely illegal in many states, it still turns up on many college campuses and in bars all around the country.

Some people actually take the drug recreationally in small doses because they like the effects, which are similar to the effects of alcohol and those include feeling relaxed or mellow, and lower inhibition. The more serious side effects include dizziness, an inability to think clearly, low heart rate, slurred speech, aggressive behavior, amnesia and black outs.

Rohypnol statistics show that regular users of this drug tend to put themselves into seriously risky situations whether it be operating a motor vehicle while impaired, having sex that is unprotected or putting themselves in harm's way generally. Judgment and inhibitions tend to be severely impaired and affected in users of Rohypnol.

The risk to a regular user of this drug includes a dependence upon the drug which means that if regular doses are not taken, withdrawal symptoms will ensue. Withdrawal symptoms include headaches, muscle pain, hallucinations and mental confusion. Increased use of this drug can cause mental health problems which can lead to a risk that the user may start to abuse other drugs due to a lowered mental capacity and a lack of judgment.

Long term use of this drug can lead to learning and memory impairment which is irreversible. Rohypnol is also referred to as liquid ecstasy, roofies, mickey finns, mind erasers, party poppers, valium, GHB, Robaine, Chloral Hydrate, Librium and Robaine. Most of these drugs are colorless and odorless which makes them difficult to detect when they are added to a drink of an unsuspecting victim. Memory loss from the drug can last between ten and twelve hours, after which point, bits and pieces of what was experienced during the high may start to emerge in a person's mind. Rape is generally difficult to prove unless the person has a rape kit taken immediately.

Rohypnol is a depressant that effectively slows down the function of a person's brain. It has sedative and hypnotic effects, make a person sleepy and calm. The name of this drug is actually flunitrazepam, Rohypnol is just the brand name of the drug. If you or someone you know is the victim of a dose of this drug, have a rape kit taken as quickly as possible and report your suspicions. If possible, have a blood test taken as well, to prove the presence of the drug in your blood, before it is fully metabolized from your system.

If you take the drug voluntarily and are addicted to the effects of it, then you should seek the assistance of a professional drug counsellor who is specially trained to help you to beat your dependency under constant supervision. If you need to check into rehab, make appropriate arrangements and stay the course of the recommended program. Getting clean is the best way to lead a productive and clear life without the burden of drug addiction.


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