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A Detailed Overview Of Rohypnol

Rohypnol is actually the brand name of a medical substance, commonly referred to as flunitrazepam. In fact, it is a medicine that has been included in the category of the benzodiazepines. In this category of strong sedative and tranquilizer drugs, of which Xanax or alprazolam is probably the very best known, Rohypnol is the most powerful. This drug is known to be up to ten times more potent than diazepam and threfore, it is much more dangerous.

In the US this drug is no longer employed in hospitals, but may well be obtainable on private prescription for all those who require it - despite the fact that it is commonly felt that there are actually much better options. Rohypnol's legal status within the US is actually a class C drug, which implies that it is illegal to have flunitrazepam without a medical prescription. It is not legally obtainable inside the United States, but since it continues to be produced in some nations, an unlawful trade continues.

Flunitrazepam rose to so-called "drug stardom" as a date rape drug, due to the fact that it was colourless, tasteless, odourless and very easily dissolved. All of these characteristics made it perfect for spiking drinks - without any risks of being detected.

Rohypnol leads to a profound state of sedation and, at times, euphoria in roughly 30 minutes. A number of cases report the drug being offered to women and girls without their consent. Those who did these things, proceded like that with the purpose of removing these women's inhibitions.

On the other hand, Roche, the pharmaceutical company that initially produced this drug revised the formula. The new Rohypnol formula made it much slower to dissolve. Roche also added a dye to its new formula - a dye that turned the drug blue when it was mixed in a drink. All these changes made it less difficult to detect. Even so, counterfeit versions of Rohypnol are presently in circulation. These conterfeited drugs do not have these added attributes.

The drug has a variety of legal and illegal uses. It is still made use of as a medical remedy in some European nations and in South America for the management of anxiety, depression and sleep disorders, despite the fact that the recommendations tend to be that it is only to be used as a short-term measure.

Flunitrazepam is also used illegally by ravers. The usually take it due to its relaxing and euphoric effects. The effects of Rohypnol last for approximately 8 hours, nevertheless it may take more than a whole day for its 'hangover' impact to vanish.

Street names for Rohypnol include denominations such as ropies, roofies, rophies, R-2, rip, ruffies and Mexican Valium.

Flunitrazepam customers report mixing the substance with beer to boost the sensation of drunkenness and it has been reported to be made use of in mixtures with marijuana and even cocaine, but also with heroin. This powerful drug may additionally be used to relieve the come down from a cocaine or crack cocaine binge.

Nonetheless, it is the drug's far more sinister use in date rape situations that has brought about its immense notoriety. The drug can affect memory and there continues to be concern that men and women offered Rophynol-spiked drinks then have little memory of the things that occurred afterwards.

Even though it has been often involved in various date rape situations in the USA, there is certainly no confirmed case of it being employed in sexual assault in Europe. Furthermore, it is not yet precisely determined how widespread its use is.

As with any medicine, Rohypnol can cause unwanted side effects, even though it is used appropriately. These side effects consist of confusion, weakness, drowsiness and slurred speech.

When Rohypnol is mixed with alcohol, the flunitrazepam is much more likely to result in complications and can make consumers get rid of their inhibitions. They can also experience memory loss. Many experts have labelled it as the favorite drug of many date rapist's, despite the fact that the extent of its misuse in this way is not completely clear.

Memory loss can occur within a brief period of time of ingesting the drug, and also the disinhibiting effects are activated immediately after the ingestion. An individual who may have taken the drug unwittingly is not very likely to recall what occurred while he or she has been under its influence.


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