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A Discussion on Various Signs of Rohypnol Addiction

Rohypnol, also commonly referred to as flunitrazepam is an addictive drug that is known for its harsh side effects if wrongly used. It is ten times more potent than valium and can be used as a hypnotic or a sedative. Though it's common in Europe and Latin America, the Food and Drugs administration is yet to approve its usage within the US. As a result, the majority of this substance that is found within the US is smuggled from other areas such as Mexico and South America.

A Discussion on Various Signs of Rohypnol Addiction

Rohypnol abuse is common among alcoholics and high school students. This drug is frequently offered in night clubs and bars and can be combined with methamphetamine and/or heroin. Individuals who take it claim to experience an euphoric feeling and a sense of lightheadedness.

People who take a dose of this drug suffer from amnesia- a state whereby one forgets certain events. Due to this fact, flunitrazepam is used as a tool of sexual abuse. Most victims who have been intoxicated with this drug barely remember anything and consequently the assailant gets a chance to escape scot free.

Rohypnol is a highly addictive drug. Short term and long term users are equally likely to suffer its hook effect. The impact of dependence is stronger in patients who use it periodically though short term users may also suffer serious health consequences at times. To make matters worse, one cannot decide to stop depending on this drug without facing challenges. When Rohypnol consumption is stopped abruptly, it can lead to harsh withdrawal symptoms.

When it comes to dealing with the signs of Rohypnol addiction there are several factors that one has to consider. The first step to recovery involves accepting and appreciating oneself. The second step involves consulting a professional for further assistance to enable you to quit drug dependence successfully.

To guide you while making a decision to quit consuming flunitrazepam, we shall discuss some common signs of Rohypnol addiction. We hope to help you understand the right options to take if you feel that this drug is controlling your life. Have a look.

Common Signs of Rohypnol addiction

Just like with other addictive drugs, Rohypnol addiction symptoms may vary from one person to another. If you've previously researched on Valium addiction effects, then probably you're familiar with some of the common effects of consuming flunitrazepam. The only major difference between these two drugs is that the latter (Rohypnol) is more potent than the former (Valium). So you can expect to experience almost similar effects in both cases only that they may be more pronounced while under Rohypnol addiction.

Physical signs of addiction

Some of the common physical signs of Rohypnol addiction include decreased respiration, drowsiness, urinary retention, slurred speech, visual disturbance, nausea, gastrointestinal disturbance and periodic blackouts. In severe cases an addicted person may suffer from seizure and coma and can actually die.

Psychological signs of addiction

Rohypnol addiction can be exhibited through psychological reactions. Some of the most common psychological effects of uncontrolled Rohypnol consumption include: aggressiveness, anxiety, psychological dependence, agitation, talkativeness, loss of inhibitions, memory impairment, excitement, confusion and/or violent behavior. A combination of opiate drugs, alcohol and Rohypnol may lead to death.

Overdependence on other drugs

Rohypnol addiction can be detected by checking a person's physical or psychological behavior. Another common sign that differentiates a flunitrazepam addicted person from a normal person is over-dependence on other drugs such as roofies, alcohol, LSD and GHD.

Carrying Rohypnol pills everywhere

Due to a strong urge to continue using this drug at all times, addicts are known to carry flunitrazepam tablets everywhere they go. You can expect to find quite a few white tablets (or small pills) in an addicts pocket as a sign of Rohypnol addiction. It is also quite common to see them change their group of friends at school or while at home.

All what we've discussed above are possible pointers to Rohypnol addiction. However, as we have said time and again, the exact signs may differ from one patient to another.

As you will agree with me, Rohypnol addiction can result in serious health, social and physical effects. If you think you're suffering from overdependence on this drug, do not hesitate to seek for prompt medical support and advice. This is the only proven way to overcome the signs of Rohypnol addiction.


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